In Development


Feature Films

Killer Country

The story of Katherine Knight, the first woman in Australia to be sentenced to life in prison, never to be released, for a crime no one will ever forget.

Director: Serhat Caradee
Writers: Stephen Sewell, Serhat Caradee
Producers: Annmaree Bell, Liz Burton
Executive Producer: Bruce Beresford
Jessica Marais
Kate Box, Laura Gordon, 
Anthony Gooley

2016 Screen Australia Draft 2 Development and financial assistance.
2015 Screen NSW AURORA Program.
2014 Early Development funding assistance Screen NSW.

A Lion Returns (post-production)

Jamal has just returned to Australia after spending 18 months in Syria. No-one knows what he did or who he was with. He’s back in the country and wants to see his terminally ill mother, however has to deal with his strong minded older brother Omar, his wife Heidi and their young son, but most importantly his unforgiving father. But why has Jamal really come back? Is he a militant with a cause or an easily led pawn in a bigger global picture?
A story about redemption, forgiveness and the consequences of your actions on loved ones.

Director: Serhat Caradee
Writer: Serhat Caradee
Producers: Liz Burton, Constantino Dias Mendes, Sabin Gnawali, Serhat Caradee
Executive Producers: Apil Bista, Erica Long
Cinematographer: Simon Koloadin
Cast: Tyler De Nawi, Danny Elacci, Jacqui Purvis, Maha Wilson



Z Block

James Davrick is imprisoned for murder. He enters a maximum-security facility that houses more than just drug dealers, killers and thieves; it also holds pure evil. A “watch list” facility operated by a shadow secret government agency running experiments on death row inmates that go off course and create criminals so evil that even Hell doesn’t want them. When a prison riot starts, Davrick and a band of criminals try to break out, only to find the complex surrounded by heavily armed SWAT. To stay alive they must not only fight other prisoners, but also the blood thirsty Damned who have overrun the prison.

Director: Serhat Caradee
Writer: Nicole Jones-Dion
Producer: Liz Burton
Bren Foster 

1st Place Script Shark Contest (under previous title as “Prison of the Damned”)
2nd Place Big Bear Screenwriting Contest (as “Prison of the Damned”)
Top 15% Academy Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting (as “Prison of the Damned”)

Snake In The Valley

Two former Special Forces soldiers, Harry and Evan turn up unexpectedly at their colleague Ken’s house, on the Yarra Valley in country Victoria. Ken had turned evidence against Harry and Evan at their rape and murder trial of a young Afghanistan girl. Ken, his wife Jemma, and her father Patrick, quickly discover Harry and Evan have more on their mind than simply making peace. What starts as a friendly visit to clear grievances turns out to be an act of terrifying retribution.

Director: Ali Kasa
Writer: Ali Kasa
Producers: Liz Burton & Serhat Caradee

My Country

After losing their entire family to a stray missile on a Mediterranean beach, the 2 surviving brothers now live in Sydney, Australia. 5 years later they kidnap the daughter of a wealthy family with 3 other local men. Her father’s company supplies the GPS guides for the missiles. The men are intent on using her as a bargaining tool in a global political game.
This is an Australian story set on the international stage where conflict is indiscriminate and vengeance has consequences for more than just the people involved.

Director: Serhat Caradee
Writer: Serhat Caradee
Producers: Tim Maddocks & Liz Burton
Executive Producer: David Jowesy

2014 Screen Australia Draft 2 Development and financial assistance.
2012 Screen Australia Draft 1 Development and financial assistance.

Television / Web Series

Magpie and The Pigeon – A Day in the Life of Superheroes

TV/Web series

Set in the modern world of Sydney, the only difference is Superheroes (aka Costumers) are accepted members of society. Some are talented and others… well not so. We follow our two heroes and their troubled journey fighting crime and corruption as they climb the Superhero ladder to stardom.

Created by Sean Lynch & Chris Baker
Writers: Sean Lynch & Serhat Caradee
Director: Serhat Caradee
Producers: Liz Burton, Sean Lynch, Serhat Caradee

The Hilton Conspiracy

2 part TV movie

While investigating the story of The Hilton bombing in 1978, which killed 3 people and injured many others, journalist Susan Kay’s persistent quest to find out what happened uncovers a ‘false flag’ operation which led to the wrongful imprisonment of three young men who were used as scapegoats for a bomb that was never supposed to explode. It was considered Australia’s first act of terrorism. Susan’s pursuit of the truth exposes a corrupt judicial and political system intent on expanding its powers at the cost of civil liberties.

To this day, the Hilton Bombing is still an unsolved crime.

Inspired by the books: ‘Bombs, Bliss and Baba’ by Paul Narada Alister and ‘Spies, Bombs and the Path of Bliss’ by Tom Molomby.